I spent yesterday afternoon at the swearing in ceremony for a good friend of mine who is now a judge.

The ceremony was memorable for a number of reasons. It was memorable for the pomp and circumstance of the occasion; for the warmth and honest good will of the welcoming fellow members of the bench; for the speeches of support from members of the legal profession who turned out by the score to support him on this august occasion and for the fact that we live in a country where the judiciary is taken seriously and where our law is not held up by despots, clans or young bullies pointing a gun to our head.

It was also memorable because of the unique upbringing he had and how it brought out the passion, work ethic and the intense caring for the downtrodden which culminated in this special appointment.

You see, he grew up with a holocaust surviving mother who made her way over from Europe and who raised him and his sister single-handedly because the marriage, which had been arranged for her, turned out to be wrong for many reasons.

She got up every morning at 5 am to go to her little corner store and try and make ends meet.
He never had the luxuries that we consider all too commonplace but she provided love and sustenance and a caring for others that became inculcated into this wonderful fellow.

He took his survival instincts, worth ethic and sense of caring for others and found his calling, no…his passion, in the law. After trying innumerable cases, standing up for civil liberties in front of the Supreme Court, etc., etc., he’s now a judge.

In my job, I see people at all sorts of stages of fulfillment. There are those that are just surviving, those that are thriving but unhappy for one reason or another, and those that are going along to get along. Every one is looking for something more interesting, more dynamic, faster growing, more fulfilling, more in demand. This list goes on.

We are all looking for the special job or opportunity which will unlock our true potential. individual or job, where we can make our way to the top and truly make a difference in the world. What’s clear to me is that there are unique career opportunities, and companies, which can help us flourish, if we ask the right questions and find the right fit.

  1. What truly excites us?
  2. What was the best job we ever had and why?
  3. What are we most proud of, and why?
  4. Who do we most admire, and why?
  5. Who was our best Manager, and why?
  6. What was the best company we ever worked for, and why?
  7. When was I tested the most, and how did I persevere?
  8. When was I tested the most, and how did I fail?

There is potential within us all. Unlocking it, nurturing it, and bringing it to fruition are the test of great managers. You be the judge!