In addition to salary, candidates have a number of criteria that they use when considering joining your company versus another firm(s).

Consider these points when you’re crafting your recruitment process. And remember, there are certain universal ‘Moments of Truth’ which will swing a great individual towards or away from you.

  1. Everyone wants a job that’s interesting
  2. People want a company that follows through on its commitments. They see this through word of mouth and through all the different touch points where they interact with you and your people.
  3. They want a website that is dynamic and fun and that represents who they are to the outside world. You don’t have to be Google but you should be fresh and clear about what you represent as a company.
  4. That want an organization with character. A company with a buzz around the office.
  5. They’re looking for reference accounts and a product that the company is proud of. Do you have reference letters in the lobby or on your website? Do you have clients that rave about you and your offerings? Can the candidate see this?
  6. They want a boss that inspires trust and integrity
  7. They’re looking for a physical space that is inviting
  8. Most of all they want a place that respects them and their skills.

Consider how you stack up against your competition on these touch points. Try and adjust accordingly.

If you’re not sure and want an outside perspective, feel free to contact me and I’ll go through our 30 point checklist to bring to light where you’re winning and where you can improve.